The Firm

The Seaside office of Moberg & Rust, Attorneys at Law, P.C. has been the site of a law firm since 1951.

Robert Moberg, the founder of the firm and now retired, began practicing in Seaside in 1974 after a stint as a Deputy District Attorney in Marion County. Over the years the members of the firm and staff have evolved, but the sound legal advice offered remains.

The key to providing you with exceptional legal services is having dependable, experienced, and resourceful staff members. We believe that we have one of the most competent and experienced legal teams in Oregon.

Madeline Miller is a certified paralegal. Madeline has worked in both Washington and Oregon in the legal field in the areas of estate planning, probate, personal injury, and domestic relations, among others.

Nancy Dean is the firm’s receptionist. Nancy grew up in the Seaside area, raised her children here, and is happy to be part of our team.

Maria Johnson is a legal assistant, mainly assisting with business law. Maria moved to Astoria from Sweden with her husband in 2008 and loves living on the North Coast.

We are excited to also have our clients benefit from the independent services of legal assistant Carole Lyngstad. Carole has been working in the areas of estate planning, probate, and trust administration since the 1980’s.

As general practitioners, we are in the unique position to be able to assist you with a variety of legal needs.

Estate Planning: Wills, durable powers of attorney, living trusts, probate and more — We strive to meet the customer’s needs. Whether you need an advance directive, power of attorney, trust, will, or assistance filing a probate, at Moberg & Rust, Attorneys at Law, P.C. we are attentive, experienced and will devise the right strategy for you.

Business: From setting up an LLC to ensuring that you meet the annual corporate filing requirements, Moberg & Rust, Attorneys at Law, P.C. is here to help you. Additionally, we are able to provide competitively priced mediation and litigation services to meet your needs.

Family Law: Divorce, custody, child support, spousal support, parenting plans, modifications, arrearages, juvenile delinquency, legal separation, guardianship. We do it all. Many family legal issues involve more than just forms and court orders. In these difficult times, Moberg & Rust, Attorneys at Law, P.C. strives to reduce conflict and make sure that the resolution is in everyone’s best interest.

Custody, Guardianships and Conservatorships: Whether you are the respondent and need to file an objection, or you have an adult, child or special needs person in your circle that is in need of protection, we are here for you.

Bankruptcy: Our firm has provided Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 bankruptcy services for over 30 years. We aim to be competitively priced and provide you with competent, discreet and valued legal services.

Elder Law: Elder law is one of the most important and satisfying focuses of our practice. Many elderly people cannot understand when they are being taking advantage of or why, and that is where we are able to help. With over 35 years of experience handling Elder abuse and related legal issues, we are here to help you! At Moberg & Rust, Attorneys at Law, P.C. we provide guardianship and conservatorship legal services at competitive prices.

Real Estate and Land Use: We can meet your real estate needs. Whether your issue involves contracts, deeds, easements, mortgages, or other real estate documents, we have the expertise to assist you.